Steelworks projects are various maintenance tasks that come along with new construction work. Backbone of the company’s operation of this type of work is in the fisheries sector. In addition, Slippurinn steelworks department also services power-intensive industries, food producers, contractors and other parties

Examples of projects include:

  • Improvements and general maintenance of ships
  • Aluminium and silicon smelter services
  • Services to food producers
  • General steel work around residential and commercial housing

Facility and equipment

The company steelworks building is one of the best facilities in Iceland. With its’ high ceilings and strong lifting cranes capacity, it is easy for Slippurinn to repair substantial parts, such as construction cranes, crane trucks, earth drills, etc.

Slippurinn steelworks is well equipped:

  • Milling cutter
  • Giant saw
  • Plate cutting machine
  • Gas cutting machine
  • Gantry

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