Ship service

Project management and design

Slippurinn Akureyri manages projects with a customer benefit in mind. It involves good preparation, careful planning and constant monitoring of project’s life cycle.

Over the years, our project managers have successfully fulfilled numerous assignments of various scale, thus, placing Slippurinn among the strongest players in the market.

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Machine workshop

Slippurinn machine workshop handles various maintenance projects, repairs, as well as performs new construction. The company’s employees have extensive experience and knowledge in machine rebuilding and related tasks. We undertake customized construction tasks following the needs of a customer at any given time.

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Steelworks projects are various maintenance tasks that come along with new construction work. Backbone of the company’s operation of this type of work is in the fisheries sector. In addition, Slippurinn steelworks department also services power-intensive industries, food producers, contractors and other parties

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Carpentry workshop

Slippurinn offers a wide range of services in carpentry. For example, change and maintenance of cabins, cargo holds, processing decks and freezer cabins.

Repairs and improvements of oak boats are also a large part of the Slippurinn carpentry work.

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Sandblasting, high-pressure washing, and painting

Sandblasting, high-pressure washing and painting are critical factors in maintaining ships. Slippurinn ensures customer satisfaction in this type of work with high quality craft and excellent service.

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Stainless steel fabrication

Our stainless-steel division manufactures various equipment along with providing technical solutions for the food processing industry. All our equipment is designed by Slippurinn and is based on Icelandic know-how and many years of experience. We are proud that our equipment provides good raw material handling, is reliable, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

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Slippurinn Akureyri Ltd. provides comprehensive service



Slippurinn Akureyri is in good cooperation with influenital companies and institutions located in Akureyri and provides a variety of services.