Fish elevator

Minimizes fish collision

The fish elevator transports the fish product between decks with an absolute minimum of drop height. This solution is a good choice between the processing deck and the cargo: The product is transported in a closed compartmentalized soft conveyor belt at low speed down to a free-standing cabin. Instead of falling, the product is controllably transported and dropped onto a cargo belt from a height of 40 cm. The fish elevators have proven to decrease gaping in fish flesh during filleting and production.

Slippurinn Akureyri has produced fish elevators that minimize falls from 1.5 meters to 4 meters of vertical transport between decks.

The size of the lift is customized and can be produced for large and small fish.

Key points

  • Less gaping in fish flesh during production
  • Minimizes the fall of fish
  • Customized or standard solutions
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Transports all types of fish
  • Requires little space of processing deck

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