Conveyor systems

Reliable equipment that is easy to clean 

Slippurinn Akureyri manufactures conveyors for the food industry that meet the strictest requirements for load and cleaning. Design and features can be customized.

  • Tivar plastic is used on all wear surfaces. Tivar is a specialized PE plastic from Mitsubishi with a low resistance factor and excellent wearing strength.
  • Stainless electric motors and hydraulic drives
  • Plastic or stainless-steel belts 

Slippurinn uses Dutch ABI motors that are designed for the most demanding conditions in food processing. Their density standard is IP69K, which means that they can withstand high-pressure washing: up to 100 bar in pressure and 80 ° C.

Key points

  • Easy to clean

  • Steel or plastic side guides 
  • Plastic or stainless-steel belts
  • Wide choice of conveyors:
  • Curved conveyors
  • Straight conveyors
  • Z conveyors
  • Gate conveyors

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