Buffer bin

Suitable for bycatch

  • The buffer bin is with a chain-driven base plate 
  • Suitable for bycatch.
  • Common around the heading and gutting area.
  • Emptying and filling can be programmed and with a customized user interface.
  • It can be used as a cooling bin for a whole batch

Conveyor bin

High volume

  • Conveyor bins are suitable in freezer factory vessels as they have a large capacity.
  • The belt in the bin is divided (side by side), increasing their operational safety.
  • It is common for Slippurinn to offer grading options with conveyor belts on top of the bins. Either automatic or pre-programmed.
  • Available with a circulating pump for washing or cooling.

Bin with movable bottom

User-friendly and easy to clean

  • Consists of a gear motor, drum, conveyor belt, and a stainless-steel tank. Wear surfaces are few; therefore, the need for maintenance is minimal.
  • Weight, width, and depth may vary.
  • Single or double tanks that are easy to clean.
  • Can be controlled with a switch box or with an automatic screen interface.
  • Suitable for bycatch or as a storage tank for bleeding, washing, and cooling.

Key points

  • Various solutions available
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for bycatch or cooling
  • With or without circuit pump
  • Controlled with a switch box or adjustable interface on the control screen

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