Glove and boots dryer

User-friendly solution

The glove and boot dryers are made from stainless steel and consists of an electric fan heater and several drying arms that vary according to the dryer’s size.

The fan blows hot air through the drying arms, temperature of the blower can be adjusted.

Working platforms

Suitable for onboard and onshore solutions

Our working platform is a stock item that is raised and lowered with a foot-operated hydraulic jack. The platform is designed with a focus on ergonomics in all positions and is easy to clean.

A popular solution in operation, around machines and at other various workstations.

Tail cutter

Increases efficiency

Tail-cutter is an electric or hydraulically driven knife designed for halibut. It is embedded in the conveyor belt immediately after the heading process.

This type of cutter increases productivity and improves working conditions for tail cutting.

Other customized solutions

  • General working platforms
  • Chutes
  • Spray bars
  • Cleaning hatches
  • Handrails

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