Onboard Tub Handling

Improves work facilities and increases productivity and safety at sea

The tubs are filled in the processing deck, and when full, they are lowered down to the fish hold.

The tubs are collected in stacks with an automatic tub loading system.

Fish elevator

Minimizes fish collision

The fish elevator transports the fish product between decks with an absolute minimum of drop height.

This solution is a good choice between the processing deck and the cargo.


Various solutions available

Slippurinn produces a wide range of bins for the food industry. Our bins are designed to withstand a high intensity and are easy to maintain and clean.

They are used for different purposes, such as cooling, bleeding, and washing.

Gutting facilities

Excellent performance along with efficient by-products’ handling

Slippurinn offers technical solutions for onshore and onboard gutting.

Rounding the fish on a line can be suitable for grading.


Conveyor systems

Reliable equipment that is easy to clean

Slippurinn Akureyri custom makes conveyor belts for food industry and meets all the strongest demands regarding strenght and cleaning the equipment.

Appearance and sizes can be adjusted and custom made for any situation.

Optional equipment

Standard or custom made

Slippurinn produces a wide range of optional equipment, both standard or custom made.