Central cleaning system

High dosage accuracy of chemicals/disinfectant

Central Cleaning System, CCS, enables the food industry to obtain ultimate hygiene at reduced cost and environmental impact, in a good working setting.

By combining the CCS components, which comprises our VCC II (Variable Chemical Centre) chemical center and various types of water pump centers, customers can reduce their costs by up to 35% compared to most existing cleaning systems and cleaning methods. These savings, and a decreased environmental impact, are achieved thanks to reduced use of warm water and chemicals and less wastewater. The central components provide the correct pressure, flow, and chemical concentration, where needed, for up to 30 simultaneous users.

The water pump centre LWP and the VCC II chemical centre are normally placed in a centrally located area. Pipes and hoses then run throughout the factory, feeding all the satellite stations. Each satellite station consists of a hose reel with a hose for water, chemicals, and disinfectant. The central dosing and storage of chemicals enable safe handling with no concentrated chemicals in the production areas. CCS is also the only system that is fully compatible with the LTS (LogTrace System), which gives the customer full logging, documentation, and control over the cleaning process.

Key points

  • High dosage accuracy of chemicals/disinfectant
  • Flexible pressure and flow
  • Logging, history, and documentation
  • Efficiency and hygiene in the production area
  • Control over the cleaning process

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